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SBAGS Quarterly Newsletter Guidelines for Submitting Articles

The nationally recognized publication of the South Bend Area Genealogical Society, The Quarterly Newsletter, is published 4 times per year (Jan., April, July & Oct.) by the South Bend Area Genealogical Society; c/o The Mishawaka-Penn-Harris Public Library, 209 Lincoln Way E, Mishawaka, Indiana 46544.

Article submissions, story suggestions, events and genealogical information are always welcome. Articles for publication are due to the Quarterly editor by the 20th of the month prior (Dec., March, June & Sept.) to scheduled publication dates.

Submission Requirements for SBAGS Quarterly. 

  • Text documents must be in one of the following or accepted variant of these formats: Doc/Docx, Wpd, Rich Text or Plain Text Txt or Prn.
  • Font type must be Times New Roman, single spaced, font size 11.
  • Table data should be submitted as an excel spreadsheet and not embedded in document.
  • Photos and graphics must be jpg, bmp or gif type files and should be sent as separate items and not be embedded in document. They may be in color or grayscale (b/w)
  • Pdf files are acceptable providing we can pull any text/photos in order to edit for publication.
  • Links to websites must show the URL: rather than an embedded link: ‘South Bend Genealogical Society Main Page’
  • Items must be received for publication by the 20th of the month prior to the publish month.
  • Any hard copy items, printed document, printed photo, etc. will not be returned.
  • If insufficient space is available in the current issue, the submission may be split across multiple issues or reserved entirely for a subsequent issue.
  • Any submission that is not the work of the submitter and within copyright is required to have permission to publish from original author.
  • Acceptance of any item for publication is solely on the discretion of the editor.
  • The editor reserves the right to edit for format, grammar, spelling and readability.
  • The editor reserves the right to modify these guidelines as necessary.

Send all electronic submissions as email attachments to: Editor

Send all hardcopy submissions to:

SBAGS Quarterly Editor
South Bend Area Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 11
Notre Dame, IN 46556

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