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Wakarusa Tribune Vital Statistics Index 1892-2020

The Wakarusa Tribune is a weekly newspaper serving the Wakarusa, Indiana, community, although its coverage extends into St. Joseph and Marshall Counties as well. The Tribune states it has been published since 1892, but John Miller’s Indiana Newspaper Bibliography (Indiana Historical Society, 1982) says the newspaper was founded in September, 1893 by the firm of J. R. Rheubottom and Sons as a politically independent paper. After a series of ownership changes, Mr. and Mrs. James Wright bought the paper in August, 1952. The paper then became Democratic, which it remains to this day. It is currently owned by ECOM Publishing Company, with William Nich as Editor.

This index aims to be as complete as possible, although it appears not all years of its publication are still available. As these gaps are identified, they will be listed here. Sources include microfilm from the historical collections of the Wakarusa Public Library and bound volumes loaned by the editor. Many thanks go to both the helpful staff of the Wakarusa Public Library and the trust and courtesies offered by the Nich family.

Use the index carefully and creatively. A few “See” and “See also” references have been included, so be sure to try all alternate spellings. In the Wakarusa community, births, marriages, and deaths are important events and are well covered, although divorces and occasional adoptions are also listed. Some years also feature “Reviews” of the previous year’ events, and it is not unusual to find variant spellings there.

We trust you will find this index useful. Despite careful compilation and editing, a few errors may have crept in, and I accept full responsibility for them. Should you find an error, please do not hesitate to contact the Society, and we will make sure that the index is corrected.

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