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Grateful Acknowledgement

Norbert Cramer

The South Bend Area Genealogical Society sadly acknowledges the death on October 8, 2017, of our long standing friend and author of the Michiana Genealogical Index, Mr. Norbert P. Cramer in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He was born in LaPorte, Indiana, on August 8, 1922. This index available on our Society’s website was expressly given to us by Norbert with his strict proviso that he would allow only a non-profit organization to host his index and that it was to be fully available to the public without subscription charge. We maintain the index and will continue to do so in total accordance with his wishes and as a tribute to his dedication to preserving family history records.

Mr. Cramer continued to record and submit data to the index until shortly before his death. It now totals some 1.25 million surnames of people of the southern Michigan and northwestern Indiana area and is one of the most complete genealogical research sources in our area.

The South Bend Area Genealogical Society wishes to thankfully acknowledge the author of this massive and very excellent research database, Mr. Norbert P. Cramer of St. Joseph, Michigan. It represents over 30 years of Mr. Cramer’s dedicated work in indexing records from 55 sources in the Michiana area. Comprising seven tables of vital records, it is surname indexed either by common spelling or by soundex. The database is a source database, i.e., by surname will guide the researcher to where the records are located, most being in area newspaper archives.

Mr. Cramer was born in LaPorte, Indiana, served in the U.S. Navy in World War II, graduated with an Engineering degree from Purdue University, and enjoyed most of his professional career as a Product Engineer and Laboratory Manager with the Whirlpool Corporation of Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Mr. Cramer’s genealogy credentials are lengthy and respected. He is a Professional Genealogist, was President of the Berrien County Genealogical Association, and was an editor and publisher of several books related to Berrien County, Michigan, genealogical records. He worked extensively with early computerization of vital records of the area, creating “Michiana Genealogical Index” a computerized index of birth, death, marriage, cemetery, license, divorce and ancestor files. Having researched throughout Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota, Mr. Cramer has been a presenter of genealogy programs throughout the Michiana area.

We present this database on our website with our Society’s grateful appreciation of the lifetime dedication of Mr. Norbert P. Cramer to preserving family history records of our area.

Notice: To obtain more information regarding records and sources referenced by this index go to our Links Page for website contacts.

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Notice: To obtain more information regarding records and sources referenced by this index go to our Links Page for website contacts.

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