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Index to the Jeanne Denham Collection of Michiana History and Genealogical Material

This index was compiled by a granddaughter of SBAGS member Carol Collins while interning at the History Museum (formerly Center for History). It indexes the materials South Bend Area Genealogical Society’s first President, Jeanne Denham compiled during her over 30 years as unofficial and official historian for St. Joseph County of Indiana. After her death (July 27, 2012), the collection was transferred to the History Museum where it resides today in 81 archival boxes.

Researchers desiring to use any of the material may do so by contacting the Archives Department of the History Museum for an appointment to view the material. A prior request for the appointment is necessary. Call the Museum at 574-235-9664, extension “archives” or by email at specifying the item requested, and the box number in which it is located. A request form may be required to be completed during the visit.

Obituary of Jeanne Denham

Jeanne Collier Denham was born October 11, 1922 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her parents were George Henry and Nettie Wilson Collier. She was educated in the Minneapolis public school system and at the Hennepin Methodist Church. The family moved to Elkhart, Indiana in 1940. Jeanne attended DePauw University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. Afterwards she received a Physical Therapy degree from Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. She worked for the New Orleans Polio Department in New Orleans, Louisiana and at the New York Reconstruction Home located in New York State. She set up the first physical therapy department at Elkhart General Hospital.

Jeanne married Dr. Robert H. Denham Jr. on July 22, 1949 and moved to South Bend. Her first child is Nancy Lin Denham. Her second is Louise Collier Denham, who married Daniel Earl Thompson, now deceased. Her third daughter is Dr. Janette Denham married to Dr. Michael Durham. Her son, Robert Hilliard Denham III, is married to Mary Petersen. They have three children: Annika, Madeline and Forrest. Besides her family, she was surrounded by her friends, her friend’s children, grandchildren, and her backyard birds.

Jeanne loved South Bend where everything is 22 minutes away, although she traveled the world. She was passionate about history. She served as the first President of the South Bend Area Genealogy Society, was a regent of the Schuyler Colfax Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.

Denham Files Index

Box 1:
Local Area Pamphlets and Maps
Misc. Historic Preservation Notes and Articles – Indiana and Michigan
Binder of Genealogical Work, Notes
Mishawaka Enterprise Paper: Historic Preservation Issue, May 15, 1975
South Bend Tribune – Mishawaka Page – August 25, 1979 and January 16, 1980
Booklets on Renewing South Bend/Mishawaka, ca. 1970
Articles on Potawatomi Trail of Death
Book: Tales of Early Niles
Michiana Archives Round Table Meeting Notes

Box 2:
Studebaker History
Index of Studebaker Employees ca. 1920-1950
South Bend City Ordinance re: Historical Zoning
Indiana Historic Sites and Structures Inventory
Studebaker Family Correspondence – Xerox Copies
“Western Christian Advocate” Magazine dated April 12, 1899

Box 3:
The Elkhart Cookbook printed 1904
South Bend History – Original Documents (e.g. Buildings, Photobook, YMCA)
South Bend Remembers: A Newspaper History of Old South Bend Articles Written by Robert and Jeanne Denham (ca. 2000 – 2006)
Indiana State Parks Fliers, Pamphlets
Binder of Genealogical Work, Notes
First United Methodist Church Documents (History Committee) Includes 3 Copies of “Fourteen Decades: A Brief History of the First Methodist Church”
First United Methodist Church – Revised Campaign Program 1913, Misc. Church Newspapers, ca 1870
Documents (Xerox) about Dr. Stanley Clark
Church and Community Cookbooks
DVD: On Solid Rock: A History of Mishawaka Churches
South Bend Board of Health Minutes, 1918-1919/1920-1921

Box 4:
Genealogy Notes (Including Copies of Records on Richard C. Riley – John)
Personal Correspondence
Correspondence With Roger Birdsell – Memorial Hospital, re: Archives Project
Indiana History Articles (Xerox) (Re: Landmarks, Circuses)

Box 5:
Genealogy Files, Mostly Re: Native Americans/Navarre Family
Personal Correspondence (Cards, Letters)

Box 6:
Booklets and Documents, Newspapers Re: History of Holy Cross (Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s)
Book: The Nurse: The Handmade of the Divine Physician by Sister Mary Bernice, R.N., Ph. D. 1845
Stephenson Research Files

Box 7:
Bertrand Cemetery Restoration Files ca. 1964
Niles Daily Star Newspaper Copies 1964 – 1966
Studebaker Cars / Company Documents
Barnum and Bailey Circus Sheet Music Souvenir ca. 1954
Speeches Written About Studebaker by Robert and Jeanne Denham
Newspapers and Letters, Ca. 1902 – Edith Loughmann

Box 8:
Research Papers on Oliver Family/Copshaholm Genealogy
Research Binders

Box 9:
Newsletters, Pamphlets and Research on Miles Laboratory (Elkhart) and Discovery Hall Museum (South Bend)
Century Center News 1977-82
Pamphlets and Buttons for East Race Waterway
Misc. Local Pamphlets and Fliers (Businesses, Historic Preservation Committee)
Genealogy Research Papers (Including Native Americans)

Box 10:
Misc. Local Pamphlets, Articles
Studebaker Genealogy
Personal Correspondence

Box 11:
Book: Fiber to Fabric by M. David Patter, Bernard B. Corbman 1959
Research on Silkworms, Wool, Pioneer Crafts, Yarn Samples
Book: Working with Wool: How to Weave a Navajo Rug by Noel Bennett, Tiana Bighorse 1983
Booklet: Two Harness Textiles: The Loom-Controlled Weaves by Harriet Tidball 1967
Book: Step by Step Weaving by Nell Znamierowski
Book: Warping All By Yourself by Cay Garrett 1974
Book: McCall’s How to Weave It 1974
Book: Simple Weaving by Hilary Chetwynd 1969
Book: Handwoven Hats: A History of Straw, Wood and Rush Hats in Nova Scotia by Joleen Gordon 1981
Book: The Pokagons, 1683-1983: Catholic Potawatomi Indians of the St. Joseph River Valley by James A. Clifton 1984

Box 12:
Book: Potawatomi of the West: Origins of the Citizen Band by the Rev. Joseph Murphys, O.S.B. Potawatomi Research (Also Native Americans)
Book: Indians of North America: The Potawatomi by James A. Clifton, 1987

Box 13:
Mishawaka Real Estate Titles and Deeds Ca. 1891-1920s (Originals)
Xeroxed Legal Documents (Genealogical Work)(Titles, Deeds, Wills)

Box 14:
Same as Box 13 (Legal Documents)

Box 15:
Book: Mr. Lincoln’s Army by Bruce Catton, 1955
Book: Abraham Lincoln Vol. 1 The Prairie Years by Carl Sandberg, 1954
Research and Pamphlets on Abraham Lincoln
Book: He Belongs to the Ages: The Statues of Abraham Lincoln by Donald Charles Durman, M.D., F.A.C.S. 1951
Book: Lincoln’s Little Girl: A True Story by Fred Trump, 1977
Book: A Short Life of Abraham Lincoln Edited by Andrew Delblanco, 1992
Book: Memorable Addresses by American Patriots by John Clark Ridpath
Book: The Approaching Fury: Voices of the Storm, 1820-1861 by Stephen B. Oates, 1997

Box 16:
Genealogy Research
First Methodist History (Fourteen Decades) (Indiana)
Manuscript: Ministers and Milestones
Photographs (Scotland? Andrew Carnegie Institute)
Travel Notes (Personal)

Box 17:
Genealogy Research
Constitution of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians Dated 4/19/1988
Potawatomi Research (Genealogy)
Abstracts of Titles/Real Estate Deeds for St. Joseph County (Copies)

Box 18:
Book: The Diocese of Western Michigan: A History of Rev. Franklin Campbell Smith 1948
Book: Gazetteer of St. Joseph Valley of Michigan and Indiana for 1867 by T. G. Turner
Book: Sketches of Lake Wawasee by Scott A. Edgell 1867
Book: The History of Harris Township, St. Joseph County, Indiana by Germain Goff 1980 (Autographed by Author)
Book: Medicine in Antebellum Indiana: Conflict, Conservatism and Change by Katherine Manwick McDonnell 1984
Booklet: New Harmony, Indiana: Robert Owen’s Seedbed for Utopia by Donald F. Carmony and Josephine M. Elliott
Booklet: Early Inns and Taverns of South Bend, Indiana by Helen Hibbard Windle
Booklet: Historical Sketches of Berrien County, Vol. 3 by Robert C. Meyers
Booklet: Fort St. Joseph 1691-1781: The Story of Berrien County’s Colonial Past by Joseph L. Peyser and Robert C. Meyers 1991
Booklet: St. Joseph in Homespun by Sue I. Silliman 1931
Book: The City With a Heart by Elkhart Public Schools 1958
Book: Dodge of Mishawaka by Temple Williams 1959
Programme for Michiana Place by Wollen Associates Michael Newton 1969
Indiana and the Old Northwest: An Exhibition 1980
Oliver: Plowmakers of the World
Book: South Bend: Crossroads for Commerce by John Palmer 2003
Book: A Mishawaka Mosaic by David Eisen 1983
Book: A Simple and Vital Design: The Story of the Indian Post Office Mural by John C. Carlisle 1995
Booklet: Dodge of Mishawaka: The More Intimate Version by Temple Williams 1968
Booklet: A Brief History of South Bend, Indiana 1820-1969 by Elizabeth Dales (Signed) and Katherine Edsall (1970)
Booklet: Papers on Parade 1858-1958
Book: City of Mishawaka Summary Report by Indiana Historic Sites and Structures Inventory 1995
Misc. Other Local History Booklets/Pamphlets
Newspaper Articles on South Bend/Area Neighborhood and Landmarks

Box 19:
Genealogy Research
Misc. Library/Museum Pamphlets
Studebaker Research
Research on the History of Mishawaka
Binder of South Bend Area Genealogical Society Newsletters 1976-1980

Box 20:
Genealogy Research
Research on History of South Bend
Research on History of Mishawaka
Book: The History of American Sailing Ships by Howard I Chappelle 1935

Book 21:
Book: From Ayr to Thurber: Three Hunter Brothers and the Winning of the West by William Hunter McLean 1978
Book: Berrien Centenniel 1776-1976 by James T. Carney 1976
Book: Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives: Women in American History Edited by Kristie Lindenmeyer 2000
Book: Women in Modern America: A Brief History by Lois W. Banner 1984
Book: McCormick County: Land of Cotton by Bobby F Edmunds 2001 (Signed by Author)
Book: My Life in Three Acts by Helen Hayes with Katherine Hatch 1990
Book: Sons of the Wilderness: John and William Corner by Charles N. Thompson 1988
Book: An Encyclopedia of Practical Information and Universal Formulary 1989
Magazines on the History of Mackinac Island, Great Lakes
Book: praia da Vitgria: Elements for a Historical Renew
Newspaper on Microfilm: Holdings of the Clarke County Historical Librayr (Michigan)

Box 22:
Bank Bag (Merchants National Bank and Trust Co.)
Indiana’s Bicentennial 1976 Information (Primarily South Bend’s Celebration also Mishawaka, Statewide)

Box 23:
A Tribute to Dr. Stanley Clark – June 19, 1976
Family History – Denham House “The Shack”
Book: Early Years of Mishawaka, Indiana by Betty Berger Harris 1982
Misc. Local Area Pamphlets
Thesis: The origins of the Polish National Catholic Church of St. Joseph County, Indiana by Leo Krzywkowski 1972
Book: Diary of Howard Stillwell Stanfield 1864-1865 Edited by Jack J. Detzler 1969 signed by Author
Thesis: James Oliver and the Oliver Chilled Plow Works by Douglas Meikle 1958
Booklet: Little Journeys to the Homes of Great Businessmen: James Oliver by Elbert Hubbard 1909
Booklet: To Holland and to New Harmony: Robert Dale Owen’s Travel Journal 1825-1826 edited by Josephine M. Elliot 1969
Misc. Indiana History Booklets and Pamphlets
Book: Letter Book of Indian Agency at Fort Wayne 1809-1815 Edited by Gayle Thornebrough 1961
Booklet: A Home in the Woods: Oliver Johnson’s Reminiscences of Early Marion County as Related by Howard Johnson 1951
Book: Pictorial and Biographical Memoirs of Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties Indiana 1893

Box 24:
3 Hole Punch
Book: Pioneer Iron Works by Mary Stetson Clarke 1968
Calendars/Pamphlets/Paper Decorations, Toys

Box 25:
Xeroxed Information on Hand Crafts
Book: Carding, Spinning, Dyeing: An Introduction to the Traditional Wool and Flax Crafts by Elizabeth Hoppe, Ragnar Edberg 1975
Northern Indiana History Day Pamphlets
Booklets on Natural Dyes
Book: The Dyers Companion by Elijah Bemis 1973

Box 26:
Newspaper Articles on Abraham Lincoln 1930s – 2000s
Book: Lincoln’s Little Girl: A True Story by Fred Trump 1977
Lincoln Research, Exhibited Pamphlets
Book: Kings of the Platform and Pulpit by Melville D. Landon 1900

Box 27:
Genealogy Research
A Few D.A.R. Documents (Letters Talks)
Denham Family Genealogy
Personal Correspondence
St. Joseph County IN Cemetery Records

Box 28:
Manuscript: Fourteen Decades: The History of the First United Methodist Church in South Bend
More Lincoln Materials (Articles, Pamphlets) Particularly Lincoln’s Carriage

Box 29:
Card Index
Statue of Liberty Information
Booklet on History of St. Joseph’s Farm Granger, Indiana
Genealogy Research
Indiana Marriage Record Lists

Box 30:
Grand Army of the Republic Iron Candlestick ca 1883
Information on Iron Works (General) and St. Joseph Iron Works
Genealogy Work on Alonson, Henry Hurd, Hurn Family
South Bend Genealogical Society Newsletters

Book 31:
Genealogy Work/Research
Speech Transcript of Local Area Women in History
Local Area Black History Research

Box 32:
The Old Courthouse News Magazines c. 1976-1983, 1969, 1967-1985
Northern Indiana Historical Society Documents
South Bend Area Genealogical Society Newsletter 1986-1991, 1981-1986

Box 33:
Poster (2)
Studebaker History Documents
Book: Old Hangtown: A History of Placerville, California from 1848-1856 by Jack R. Winkler 2000

Box 34:
Notes on Land History, Local Family History (Emphasis on South Bend West Washington Historic District)
Misc. Local Newspaper Articles (1970s-2000s)

Box 35:
Lincoln Articles/Pamphlets/Booklets
Book: The Unknown Lincoln by Dale Carnegie 1952
Book: Abraham Lincoln: Great Speeches 1991
Book: The Lincoln Conspiracy by David Baisiger and Charles E. Seller Jr. 1977
Book: The Life of Lincoln by Clifton M. Nichols 1896
Book: Lincoln’s Loyalists: Union Soldiers from the Confederacy by Richard Nelson Current 1992
Book: The Lincoln Papers by David C. Mearns 1948
Book: Abraham Lincoln: A Photographic Study of a Life by Tanya Lee Stone 2005
Book: Abraham Lincoln: by Lord Charnwood 1917
Book: A Short Life of Abraham Lincoln by John G. Nicolay 1903
Book: Mr. Lincoln’s Wife by Anne Colver 1965

Box 36:
Indian Affairs, Laws and Treaties: Treaties by Charles J. Kappler 1904

Box 37:
Booklet: Electric Railroads of Indiana
Indiana History Pamphlets and Brochures
Book: On the Banks of the Wabash: A Photograph Album of Greater Terre Haute 1900-1950 edited by Dorothy Weinz Jerse and Judith Stedman Calvert 1983

Box 38:
Oliver Research ( Family and Company)
Genealogy Research for the Important South Bend Families
Other Genealogy and Indiana History Research
Epworth Hospital History Research
History of Methodist Church in Michiana
Richard Risley Carlisle Research
Envelope of Local Lore/Stories

Box 39:
Ladies Repository Volumes ca. 1860s

Box 40:
Booklets on Indiana History, Crafts
Book: The Story Book of Things We Use by Maud and Miska Peterson 1933
Book: Indian Scout Craft and Lore by Charles A. Eastman 1974
Book: How to Build an Indian Canoe by George S. Fichter 1977
Book: How Indians Use Wild Plants for Food, Medicine and Crafts by Frances Densmore 1974
Book: A Way of Life by Edits Ed Hall 1986
American Indian Cookbooks
Minnetrism Council for Great Lakes Native American Studies Newsletter 1991

Box 41:
Genealogy and Local History Resources Binders (“How to” Guides)
LaPorte County History
Berrien County, MI History
Genealogy Research
St. Joseph County Research

Box 42:
Genealogy Research Guides

Box 43:
Genealogy Research (Including Hurds of Michiana)

Box 44:
Michiana Magazine (South Bend Tribune) 1981-1985 Various Other Newspaper Articles 1970s-1980s

Box 45:
Printed Records of Historic Mishawaka City Cemetery Est. in 1838
Oliver History Documents
Various South Bend History Documents

Box 46:
Niles/Michigan History Research Bertrand Family Research

Box 47:
Hager Health Bulletins ca. 1920s
The Ladies Repository and Home Magazine ca. 1873
Masters in Art: A Series of Illustrated Monographs ca. 1902
Book: Drapers Self Culture, Vol. 6: Sports, Pastimes and Physical Culture 1907
Book: The Dinner Bell: A Collection of Tried and True Recipes 1909
Good Housekeeping Magazine January 1899

Box 48:
Newspaper Clippings ca. 1980s-2000s

Box 49:
Hurd/Mead Family Research
Mishawaka History Research
Book: Principles of Railway Transportation by Eliot Jones, Ph.D. 1925
Book: Memorial of Henry Ward Beecher 1887
Book: A Study of the Open Hearth by Harbidson-Walker Refractories Co.
Book: California Gold Rush – Diary of Charles H. Harvey 1983

Box 50:
Periodical: The Chronicles of Oklahoma 1954-56
Local Newspaper Clippings 1960s-1990s
Farm Plat Book of Marshall County 1959

Box 51:
Newspaper Clippings 1970s-1980s

Box 52:
Studebaker Research Documents

Box 53:
Genealogy Research
Indiana Historic Sites and Structures Summary

Box 54:
Reports St. Joseph County 1985 (2 Copies)
Genealogy Research
St. Joseph County Historical Research (Hospitals, Preservation)

Box 55:
Book: The Helmet of Navarre by Bertha Runkle 1901
Book: Margaret, The Pearl of Navarre
Early Settlement History of Michiana Area

Box 56:
Crafting Information
Book: Plants of Colonial Days by Raymond L. Taylor 1952
Hymn Booklets/Pamphlets 1930s-1950s
Frontier Era Medicine Booklets
Book: The Farmers Encyclopedia by the J. L. Case Plow Works 1905
Book: Needlepoint: A Base Manual by Carol Hustoner Collins 1976
The Back Country Housewife Vol. 1 A Study of Eighteenth Century Foods by Kay Moss, Kathryn Hoffman 1985
Book: The Virginia Hostess Vol. 1 Collations Confits and Drams by Caroline Mansur 1960
Book: Pioneer Iron Works by Mary Stetson Clarke 1968

Box 57:
Book: A Diamond Sparkles: The Facets of Diamond Lake by Lois Webster Welch 1970
Xeroxed Articles Magazines Theater History
Book: Sis Hopkins by Rose Melville 1902
Research on Rose Melville

Box 58:
Various Historical/Genealogical Society Newsletters
Local Obituaries
Genealogy Work

Box 59:
Another Copy of Fourteen Decades
Schuyler Colfax Research

Box 60:
Book: The Gold Age of Railroads by Stewart H. Holbrook 1960
Genealogy Research (Including Denham Line)

Box 61:
Book: Cadetter Girl Scout Handbook 1963
Book: A Treasury of American Folklore Edited by B. A. Bothin 1944
Book: The Foxfire Book Edited by Eliot Wigginton 1972
Book: Junior Girl Scout Handbook 1963
Book: Arts and Crafts: A Practical Handbook by Marguerite Lekis 1943
Crafts of Egypt by Denise Ammoun 1991
Book: Handmade by Drew and Louise Langser 1974
Book: Nature Crafts for Kids by Gwen Diehn and Terry Krautwurst 1992
Book: Soap: Making, Enjoying It by Ann Bramson 1975
Various Other Booklets/Magazines on Crafts

Box 62:
Research on Milburn, Perkins Families
Genealogy Work

Box 63:
Robert and Jeanne Denham’s Travel Journal
Genealogy Work
History of Niles, MI
Handwritten History Book of First Brethren Church, Waterloo, IA, 1952
Lincoln (President) Research

Box 64:
Genealogy Research
Local History Research (South Bend, Mishawaka, Vincennes)

Box 65:
Articles, Pamphlets, Speeches, Booklets, Photographs and Scrapbooks of South Bend History

Box 66:
South Bend Area Genealogical Society Newsletters 1993-1995
Genealogy Work (and Resources)

Box 67:
Book: Lewis Cass by Willis F. Dunbar 1970
Local Obituaries/Genealogy Work (Including Cushing Family)
Binder of Colfax Notes

Box 68:
Booklets on Farm Implement History
Minutes (1922-25) and Ledger (1928) of South Bend Board of Health
White Cloth Apron
Indiana History Booklets and Magazines
Book: Michiana Memories

Box 69:
Documents on the Methodist Church (History, Customs, Music)
Articles on South Bend Business
Book: The History of the Southern Illinois Conference, The Methodist Church by Joseph Calvin Evers 1964
Presbyterian Church History
Hurd Genealogy Work

Box 70:
Handwritten Story Book 1900s
Misc. Research on the Episcopal/Methodist Churches
Notes on the Bicentennial Pinhook Pageant 1976
Photographs/Negatives of Historic Buildings
History of Olive Township Articles
D.A.R. Records
Drivers Permit Record Book, South Bend 1903-1904

Box 71:
Studebaker Company Records
Circus Articles
Genealogy Work

Box 72:
Marshall and St. Joseph County History
Genealogy Work (Crocker, Deming)
Railroad History
Book: The Great Persuader: The Biography of Collis P. Huntington by David Lavender 1998
California History Document
Book: A Study of the Blast Furnace by Harbisan-Walker Refractories Company 1911
Book: Pebbles in the Stream: A History of Beale Air Force Base and Neighboring Areas by Peggy Bal 1993
Book: Henry Ward Beecher: The Indiana Years 1837-1847 by Jane Shaffer Elsmere 1973
Book: The San Francisco Earthquake by Gordon Thomas, Max Morgan Witts 1971

Box 73:
Misc. Pamphlets (Local Area Interests, History, Cookbooks)
VHS: Voyage of Doom
VHS: The Shipwreck of LaBelle
Book: The Best of Gard at Large by Ray Gard 1989
Book: Marmaduke of Tennessee by Edward Cummings 1914
Book: Arrowsmith by Sinclair Lewis 1925
Book: World’s Great Detective Stories by Walter J. Black, Inc. 1928
Book: The Spirit of St. Louis by Charles A. Lindbergh 1953
William Lloyd Garrison by John Jay Chapman 1913
Book: The Day of the Dog: A Love Story by George Barr McCutcheon 1904
Book: The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas 1945
Book: The Flamingo Feather by Kirk Monroe 1915
Book: The Life and Opinions of Tristam Shandy, Gentleman by Lawrence Stern 1925
Indiana Magazine of History General Index Volumes 1-25

Box 74:
Genealogy Research/Local History Research
Letters from Merle D. Blue to Jeanne Denham
South Bend Area Real Estate Development Research
Research on South Bend Area Churches
Research on Notre Dame/Catholic South Bend Churches
Book: The Handy Book for Genealogists by The Everton Publishers 1981
Book: Pioneer Ancestors of Members of the Society of Indiana Pioneers by Ruth Dorrel 1983
Book: St. Joseph County, IN Cemetery Inscriptions Vol. 4 Union, Center, Madison Townships by The South Bend Area Genealogical Society 1997
Book: Index 1840 Federal Population Indiana by Genealogy Division Indiana State Library 1991
Book: St. Joseph County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions Vol. 1: Greene, Liberty, Lincoln Townships by SBAGS 1991

Box 75:
Misc. Local History Research
Book: The University of Notre Dame: A Portrait of Its History and Campus by Thomas J. Schlereth 1976
Notes on Local Church History
Notes/Pamphlets on Epworth Hospital History
Booklet: Bendders! Tales from South Bend Baseball Past by John Kovach 1991

Box 76:
Older Documents from South Bend History
South Bend Tribune Articles on South Bend History
Quarantine Signs, Trade Cards and Posters
Note on Historic Costumes, Dress
SBAGS Newsletters 1993-1996

Box 77:
South Bend Tribune Clippings

Box 78:
Michiana Magazines 1980s
Internet Printed Info Sheet on Abraham Lincoln

Box 79:
Tribune Newspaper Clippings 1960s-1990s
Mishawaka Enterprise-Records/Clippings
South Bend Times Clippings/Scrapbook

Box 80:
More Tribune Clippings

Box 81:
Lincoln Exhibit Labels
Old Financial Papers
South Bend Daily Times Newspapers 1890s
South Bend Tribune Newspaper Clippings

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