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Search the Saint Joseph County, Indiana 1832 - December 31, 1997 and 1980 - 1987 (Mishawaka) Divorce Records Index

There are 104,215 index records in this database. This database is intended for genealogical research purposes only. The dates may represent a petition, an appearance, dismissal, divorce, or a different order as deemed by the judge.

The missing information in columns is missing on the actual record. Dates prior to 1910 are obtained from other records than the actual docket book and the date is the petition of the record and not the actual order date. Further research will be needed to obtain the actual order date. Circuit Court Docket Book 1 starts in 1910 and it is this time frame when the final disposition of the case is noted on the docket and is noted on the spreadsheet.

Mishawaka dockets from M (1980)-1987.
September of 1980 Mishawaka Superior Court, Judge Beamer, was started at the Mishawaka Courthouse.
Because of the creation of this courthouse a lot of records were transferred from South Bend to Mishawaka.
1980 Prefix is M.
1981 Prefix is CV. Which stands for Civil files.
1982 Prefix is DR. Which stands for Domestic Relations.
Sometimes a CV is used instead for a DR for annulments.

This genealogical database was made possible through the efforts of SBAGS volunteers and archivists, utilizing records held at the Archives & Records Center of St. Joseph County, Indiana.

For more information on the Archives & Records Center and how to obtain the records contained in this index, visit this SBAGS web page:

Archives & Records Center

All requests for records must be placed through the Archives & Records Center. SBAGS does not hold any records.

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List of Court Codes

  • C – Circuit Court
  • CC – Circuit Court
  • CCP – Court of Common Pleas
  • D1 – Superior Court 1
  • D 1 – Superior Court 1
  • D11 – Superior Court 1 or Superior Court 2
  • D2 – Superior Court 2
  • D 2 – Superior Court 2
  • SP1 – Superior Court 1
  • SP2 – Superior Court 2
  • J – Probate Court
  • D07 – Mishawaka Superior Court

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